Benjamin Friman is more than a brand. It’s an emblem, a synonym for fashion, design, reaching where others don’t dare. Dress the woman to enhance, not to hide her. To propose new, daring ideas, using the base given to us by the classics to go one step further. From female tuxedos to the most avant-garde pieces, Benjamin Friman looks at the world from his atelier, and receives the gaze of that world, to reinterpret it and give birth to new ways of understanding fashion, aesthetics, materials and the way in which they interact with each other. Benjamin Friman is Fashion.

Pret-â-Porter Spring/Summer


Inspiration from the planets of the Solar System: Mars

The rhythm of creativity and inspiration never rests on…

Benjamín Friman viste a la gran actriz Belén Rueda en la XXXIII edición de los Premios Goya

El pasado 2 de Febrero se celebró la gran fiesta del Cine Español: los Premios Goya. La gran actriz Belén Rueda volvió a confiar en Benjamín Friman para asistir a la gran fiesta de la industria del cine, por lo que creamos en exclusiva para ella el vestido ‘Tornado’.