Colección Otoño Invierno 2019

Benjamin Friman presents his new collection prêt-à-porter autumn-winter.

The designer Benjamín Friman presents his new autumn/winter collection, which shows a woman without prejudices and self-confidence through a Glam Rock style where daring is not incompatible with femininity.

Benjamín Friman colección Otoño Invierno 2019

Inspired by New York women, the designer’s new collection is characterized by a commitment to diversity and a taste for design, where an exquisite and transgressive combination of fabrics comes into play, making the garments perfect options for any occasion and time of day.

The commitment to innovation that characterizes the designer is reflected in a collection where sensual black nappa jackets are mixed with bold leggins of metallized vinyl that enhance the female silhouette, and black and purple turtleneck tops where comfort prevails. The ambiguity of the two-tone micropayet fabric with rayon gives way to elegant fringe-like details that, when incorporated into dresses and accessories, provide an inexhaustible source of movement at every step.

This autumn/winter collection is designed with the perfect pattern for an urban woman who knows what she wants. The dresses at different lengths and the trousers cut to the bias, made with cold wool combined with viscose, become the fetish garments of this season. A collection where there is no lack of leopard print payet, guipoure skirts, and pleats in long coats, capelins and dresses in baked wool, ideal to be worn both during the day and at night.

Benjamín Friman colección Otoño Invierno

In Benjamin Friman’s new collection, the glamour of everyday life extends its hand to a high-level design, in order to dazzle a woman who wants to feel that she is the master of her destiny, strong and feminine. Exclusive and comfortable clothing, which has in the power of its versatility the secret of its success. Made with care to the smallest detail and with the good work that has made Benjamin Friman a firm of recognized prestige on the national and international catwalks.

Fashion and photography

To present his new collection, Benjamín Friman has had the collaboration of the prestigious photographer Diego Díaz Marín. His provocative, original and irreverent point of view is capable of combining fashion and photography as if they were a single concept, as has been reflected in the most prominent national and international magazines.

The collaboration between Benjamín Friman and Diego Díaz Marín is born with future expectations and augurs a before and after in the presentations of the signature of the designer from Granada. Fashion and photographic art in unison, where the firm’s novelties are presented to an audience eager to know the surprises that hide the new season.