Fabrics to build dreams

Fashion designers embody dreams and fantasy into designs. Our creativity feed on the world that surrounds us, whatever it is a landscape, a movie, an exhibition, the music we listen to, the books we read… After soaking in the outside world, it comes the moment of seclusion, in which our personality filters the stimuli previously received and we shape our creativity into designs.

A fundamental element for our designs to become unique pieces is the choice of fabrics which give a concrete shape to the ideas that we have embodied in the sketches. Thanks to our devotion for quality, in Benjamín Friman we have found the best provider we could have imagined, the company Miguel Alemany Sucra. They offer us not only a precious selection of silk, wood and cotton fabrics, but they also create unique fabrics only fo us. The collaboration with qualified professionals is what makes a designer great and from here we want to recognize his value and the importance of his job in the final results of the products in our collections.