Vanesa martin esmoquin blanco

The singer Vanesa Martín chooses Benjamín Friman as official designer on her tour

The singer Vanesa Martin has chosen Benjamin Friman as official designer for his performance in the city of Malaga, which took place in the Municipal Auditorium on Saturday 20 July. The singer wore on stage two iconic designs of the firm, which was one of the stellar performances of his tour of the Spanish geography.

Vanesa martin esmoquin blanco

Benjamin Friman perfectly reflected the artist’s overwhelming and chameleonic personality with two designs designed exclusively for her. The first was a long white tuxedo, with marked shoulder pads and prominent lapels, zipper and a long tail adorned with crystal stones.
The stones, forming constellations in a dreamlike universe in which the name of the singer also stood out, constitute a nod from the firm to the exclusivity with which the garments were made for the singer. A mixture of sweetness, femininity, security and firmness that allowed Vanesa Martín to shine with her own light in one of the most magical nights of the tour.

vanesa martin in white

Benjamin Friman’s second look chosen by Vanesa Martín for her concert in Malaga was a long dress, with straps and in green, with an original front opening and closure on the back, which was combined by the artist with light-coloured buttoned shoes.

Within the glam rock style and the impeccable pattern that characterizes Benjamin Friman, the dress highlighted the silhouette of the artist and allowed her to move with comfort, sensuality, presence and elegance on stage, delighting the thousands of people who came together to hear the songs from his new album “All the women who live in me”

vanesa martin green dress

It’s not the first time that singer Vanesa Martín trusts Benjamín Friman’s good taste when it comes to dressing up for an important event. The artist has already commissioned the firm to create an exclusive design to be worn at the 40 Principales Awards in 2017. The good harmony between the Andalusian designer and the singer has allowed Vanesa Martín to redress her looks on this occasion to perform before the 12,000 people who filled the Malaga auditorium and sang the artist’s songs.

vanesa martin in green dress

Conquered by the brand’s characteristic looks, the taste and meticulousness of their work, many celebrities trust Benjamin Friman when it comes to dressing up. The designer’s creativity and precision are transmitted from the sketches, surpassing all expectations with his surprising ability to handle any type of garment.

Characterised by his passion for design, Benjamín Friman is one of the firms with the most projection in the Spanish fashion scene. The designer has just launched his autumn/winter pret-â-porter collection, which interested parties can purchase through the online store.

Colección Otoño Invierno 2019

Benjamin Friman presents his new collection prêt-à-porter autumn-winter.

The designer Benjamín Friman presents his new autumn/winter collection, which shows a woman without prejudices and self-confidence through a Glam Rock style where daring is not incompatible with femininity.

Benjamín Friman colección Otoño Invierno 2019

Inspired by New York women, the designer’s new collection is characterized by a commitment to diversity and a taste for design, where an exquisite and transgressive combination of fabrics comes into play, making the garments perfect options for any occasion and time of day.

The commitment to innovation that characterizes the designer is reflected in a collection where sensual black nappa jackets are mixed with bold leggins of metallized vinyl that enhance the female silhouette, and black and purple turtleneck tops where comfort prevails. The ambiguity of the two-tone micropayet fabric with rayon gives way to elegant fringe-like details that, when incorporated into dresses and accessories, provide an inexhaustible source of movement at every step.

This autumn/winter collection is designed with the perfect pattern for an urban woman who knows what she wants. The dresses at different lengths and the trousers cut to the bias, made with cold wool combined with viscose, become the fetish garments of this season. A collection where there is no lack of leopard print payet, guipoure skirts, and pleats in long coats, capelins and dresses in baked wool, ideal to be worn both during the day and at night.

Benjamín Friman colección Otoño Invierno

In Benjamin Friman’s new collection, the glamour of everyday life extends its hand to a high-level design, in order to dazzle a woman who wants to feel that she is the master of her destiny, strong and feminine. Exclusive and comfortable clothing, which has in the power of its versatility the secret of its success. Made with care to the smallest detail and with the good work that has made Benjamin Friman a firm of recognized prestige on the national and international catwalks.

Fashion and photography

To present his new collection, Benjamín Friman has had the collaboration of the prestigious photographer Diego Díaz Marín. His provocative, original and irreverent point of view is capable of combining fashion and photography as if they were a single concept, as has been reflected in the most prominent national and international magazines.

The collaboration between Benjamín Friman and Diego Díaz Marín is born with future expectations and augurs a before and after in the presentations of the signature of the designer from Granada. Fashion and photographic art in unison, where the firm’s novelties are presented to an audience eager to know the surprises that hide the new season.

Inspiration from the planets of the Solar System: Mars

Fashion Designer Benjamin Friman

The rhythm of creativity and inspiration never rests on the Exclusive Clothing Firm Benjamin Friman. Parallel to the work rhythm of the firm’s Haute Couture and ready-to-wear collections, creative director Benjamin Friman has begun a special collection inspired by the planets of the Solar System.

Benjamin Friman Designs

Since the beginning of the first great civilizations, the human being has always had a special connection and curiosity towards the sky and the stars, being a source of inspiration for the development of scientific, philosophical and artistic knowledge to the present day. A couple of millennia later, the stars continue to inspire the world. The Exclusive Clothing Firm Benjamin Friman has begun a wonderful special collection of creations for women based on such planets.

The first of these creations is ‘Mars’, a wonderful red dress made of 42 meters of natural silk organza, hand-stitched and mounted on mannequin with bias-cut strips that resemble the dune fields and arid landscapes of this wonderful planet. Red is the color of passion, ideal for raising self-esteem, always flattering, captivating and mysterious. It is not only the red passion of love, it is the color of Mars. In this spectacular dress, our Haute Couture Firm continues to give wings to the exclusive design and high quality usual in our workshop.

Benjamin Friman Pret a Couture

In successive publications on our website and social networks, we will announce the continuation of this special collection inspired by the beautiful planets. This special collection will be exhibited soon in our Show Room in Madrid “El Armario de Pepa”. Go to our online store.

Online Store Benjamín Friman

Benjamín Friman viste a la gran actriz Belén Rueda en la XXXIII edición de los Premios Goya

Benjamín Friman viste a la gran actriz Belén Rueda en la XXXIII edición de los Premios Goya

El pasado 2 de Febrero se celebró la gran fiesta del Cine Español: los Premios Goya. La gran actriz Belén Rueda volvió a confiar en Benjamín Friman para asistir a la gran fiesta de la industria del cine, por lo que creamos en exclusiva para ella el vestido ‘Tornado’.

La creación ‘Tornado’ consistió en un vestido en seda natural de color blanco nacarado con doble capa de seda. Superpuesto en un corset interior de color negro, el vestido ‘Tornado’ muestra un patrón de giro alrededor del cuerpo asemejando a la trayectoria de un tornado, confeccionado con 28 metros de tela de este precioso tejido de seda natural creado en exclusiva por Miguel Alemany para Benjamín Friman. Fue todo un triunfo poder incorporar el corset negro al vestido final, ya que fue adquirido por la propia actriz Belén Rueda durante el rodaje de su película ‘El Cuaderno de Sara’ y le tiene un especial cariño.

La firma de alta costura Benjamín Friman adaptó su experiencia creativa en el prêt-à-couture para crear este diseño exclusivo al nivel de la belleza y elegancia de la actriz Belén Rueda. La actriz pudo asistir con comodidad y feminidad al gran evento de la Academia de Cine Español, tanto a la alfombra roja como a la gala, presentando el Premio Goya Honorífico. Diferentes medios especializados destacaron la elegancia y el acierto de este diseño exclusivo de Benjamín Friman para la actriz Belén Rueda, como Vanity Fair, Yo Dona o Divinity.

El diseñador de alta costura Benjamín Friman está encantado y orgulloso del resultado, con una creación de ropa exclusiva especialmente pensada para semejante evento nacional. Las colecciones de prêt-à-porter y prêt-à-couture de Benjamín Friman son fruto del rumbo creativo y trabajo artesanal de nuestro director creativo. Estamos muy orgullosos del resultado con esta nueva colaboración con la gran actriz Belén Rueda, gracias por tu confianza una vez más en la firma de alta costura de Benjamín Friman.

Agradecimientos a @lorencroma , en comunicación a @elarmariodepepa, en producción a @tenagency, en make and hair a @pablorobledo_co, a @barcenajoyas en joyas y como no a quién lo lució @bybelenrueda.

Valladolid aumenta su protagonismo como ciudad de la moda con la llegada de la firma Benjamín Friman (Alta Costura y Pret-à-Porter)

Benjamín Friman sigue aumentando su presencia en algunas de las principales ciudades de España. La firma apuesta por Puntos de Venta Preferentes donde la moda se viva en directo y donde el servicio y la atención personalizada sean los protagonistas junto a las prendas de la Nueva Colección SS-19.

Valladolid es la ciudad donde nuestra firma da otro paso adelante junto a Sonia y Yolanda, las propietarias de No Somos Ángeles.

En una magnífica ubicación, en pleno centro, han abierto las puertas de su nuevo establecimiento para, junto a Benjamín Friman, vivir y crear las mejores sensaciones de una moda llena de calidez y frescura. (C/ Divina Pastora nº 4. 47004 Valladolid. T. 600 506 108).

Precisamente será Valladolid una de las primeras ciudades que en marzo celebrará una jornada de puertas abiertas al público donde se presentará la nueva Colección Primavera-Verano 2019.

Contará con la presencia en la ciudad los días 8 y 9 de marzo del propio director artístico de la firma, Benjamín Friman, quien compartirá dos sesiones totalmente interactivas con las asistentes a su conferencia: Sentir la moda, Sentirse bien. Junto a la presentación de las nuevas tendencias para esta temporada, destacará la influencia que genera en nuestras emociones nuestra ropa, lo que nos hace sentir y el significado que le damos.

Desde aquí, nuestra enhorabuena a “No Somos Ángeles”, el nuevo punto de venta de Benjamín Friman en Valladolid.

Benjamín Friman en eventos y medios

Con este post, comenzamos una línea de resúmenes de la presencia de la firma Benjamín Friman en diferentes eventos y medios de comunicación.

Desde que comenzó la colaboración de nuestra firma de ropa exclusiva con el gabinete de comunicación y showroom ‘El Armario de Pepa’, hemos tenido una enorme actividad y presencia en diferentes eventos y reportajes en medios relacionados con la moda.

La famosa presentadora de televisión Pilar Rubio lució un precioso vestido negro de la colección Fall Winter 2018/2019 para asistir al Tributo a Naty Abascal organizado por la revista Telva. Además, la actriz Begoña Maestre asistió a los últimos ‘Premios Woman’ organizados por la revista Woman, con un precioso diseño de esta misma colección de Benjamín Friman. También destacó la bella actriz Montse Pla con un vestido de seda de la colleción Fall Winter 2018/2019 para asistir a la premiere de la película ‘Como La Vida Misma’.

Recientemente, tuvo lugar el ‘Open Day’ de nuestra agencia colaboradora ‘El Armario de Pepa’, donde la firma Benjamín Friman presentó la Nueva Colección Spring Summer 2019 a los asistentes al evento, con una recepción de enorme éxito por parte del público.

Dentro de un par de semanas, seguiremos publicando resúmenes de la presencia de la firma de alta costuraprêt-à-porter Benjamín Friman en medios y eventos.

Nueva Colección Spring Summer 2019 en el Open Day de El Armario de Pepa.

Emotion in Dressmaking

La emoción de la costura

La mente creativa detrás del estilo y la elegancia de Benjamín Friman contada por él mismo. ¿Dónde se inspira nuestro director artístico? ¿Cómo define a la “Mujer Friman”?

Gracias a Loren Garrido – Croma Publicidad por su colaboración.

‘Spring-Summer 19’ New Collection

The new collection presented by Benjamin Friman is born of the inspiration of abstract art artists, especially from the search for abstraction and expressionism developed in the work of the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. This painter not only intended to convey emotions and sensations with his painting, but also to persuade with colors and shapes. Kandinsky defended with his work the so-called ‘non-objective art’ that responded not to a reflection of appearances, but to the inner strength of the artist.

#SmallPleasures #Kandinsky

The aspect that reflects this inspiration of abstract art is the prints present in this new collection, with geometric shapes, cold and warm colors using watercolors and water-based paint. The variety of color responds to the extensive personal and emotional record of the woman who inspires Benjamin F riman . The change from haute couture to ‘sport chic’ represent a before and after in the trajectory of the firm; In this way, we find dynamic and comfortable garments that combine ‘sport’ with clothing. The fresh and comfortable dresses are mixed with tight pants, blouses and bombers decorated with these geometric shapes and extreme range colors of the collection. They also appear a variety of garments with high waisted waist and long dresses suitable both for day and night thanks to the particular characteristics of these designs. Natural fabrics such as cotton made in guipoure or linen predominate in this new collection of the firm.



The New Collection ‘Spring-Summer 19’ from Benjamin Friman offers exclusive, active and comfortable clothing prints of artistic inspiration painted by hand in a innovative prêt-à-porter collection . The woman in this collection will feel more in tune with the dynamic and communicative world of today without attenuating her position of personality and elegance characteristic of high-level design.




Belén Rueda in Malaga Film Festival.

Habitual of the Red Carpet, Benjamin Friman, designs another dress for a celebrity and this time it was one very special for him. Belén Rueda, was going to wear a dress of him, in which, as a creative director, he turned all his potential as a designer.

She attended the 21st edition of the Malaga Film Festival, where Juan Antonio Bayona was awarded with the “Retrospective-Malaga Hoy” award and which, of course, Belén Rueda could not miss, for being the protagonist of “El Orfanato” one of his most famous movies.

Benjamín Friman Couture

Belén Rueda vestida de Benjamín Friman en el Festival de Cine de Málaga.

Benjamín Friman captures the feelings of his women and the stage, both personal and professional that may be happening and that is where he gets the inspiration to design according the person and the moment she is living; he felt her happiness, both for her professional success and for the special phase she is living on the sentimental level.

The design was very clear in Benjamín´s mind, it should be original and different, made of natural silk fabric with small fringes mixed with soft golden lurex, asymmetric with the intention to break the alignment of the fringe, which is repeating throughout the entire dress. It had to be pretty low-cut to exhibit her wonderful clavicle.

Once again, Belén became the extraordinary woman she is, radiant of happiness, sure of herself and feeling beautiful and elegant. These are the most important signs of identity of a Friman’s woman.

Belén Rueda de Benjamín Friman.

The Malaga Film Festival is gaining more and more strength in the Spanish Film scene, and even more relevant outside our borders, so this make that our actresses strive hard to look elegant and beautiful on the Red Carpet which it’s becoming more important, so they are try to look great in such special moments as could be, presenting their films or awarding prizes.

Belén Rueda en la 21 Edición del Festival de Cine de Málaga.

Foto publicada en Instagram del Festival de Cine de Málaga.

From Benjamín Friman we are very happy of having dressed, once again, an actress as special as Belén Rueda is.

Elena Furiase stands out at the Goya awards 2018 wearing a dress by Benjamin Friman

The actress impacts the Red Carpet with an original look of our Autumn/Winter 2018 prêt-à-couture collection

The Goya Award´s Gala and their red carpet is one of the most important events of the year for the Spanish cinema. In their last edition, the actress Elena Furiase impressed the public with a spectacular design by Bejamin Friman that came perfect for the occasion. The colour black was chosen for this elegant two piece outfit composed by a diana neckline top with detailed crystals and a high-waisted skirt with a mermaid effect and train. Both pieces were brought to perfection using a high tech neoprene fabric with lurex threads.

The stylist Ana Capel completed the look with a clutch by Stella McCartney and very elegant jewellery by Gold&Roses which were very similar to what Queen Letizia wore recently. The press named Elena Furiase´s look as one of the best of the Goya awards red carpet this year.