Pret-â-Porter Otoño/Invierno 2019/2020

Pret-â-Porter Fall/Winter 2019/2020

The designer Benjamín Friman presents his new autumn/winter collection, which shows a woman without prejudices and self-confidence through a Glam Rock style where daring is not incompatible with femininity.

Inspired by New York women, the designer’s new collection is characterized by a commitment to diversity and a taste for design, where an exquisite and transgressive combination of fabrics comes into play, making the garments perfect options for any occasion and time of day.

The commitment to innovation that characterizes the designer is reflected in a collection where sensual black nappa jackets are mixed with bold leggins of metallized vinyl that enhance the female silhouette, and black and purple turtleneck tops where comfort prevails. The ambiguity of the two-tone micropayet fabric with rayon gives way to elegant fringe-like details that, when incorporated into dresses and accessories, provide an inexhaustible source of movement at every step.