Inspiration from the planets of the Solar System: Mars

Fashion Designer Benjamin Friman

The rhythm of creativity and inspiration never rests on the Exclusive Clothing Firm Benjamin Friman. Parallel to the work rhythm of the firm’s Haute Couture and ready-to-wear collections, creative director Benjamin Friman has begun a special collection inspired by the planets of the Solar System.

Benjamin Friman Designs

Since the beginning of the first great civilizations, the human being has always had a special connection and curiosity towards the sky and the stars, being a source of inspiration for the development of scientific, philosophical and artistic knowledge to the present day. A couple of millennia later, the stars continue to inspire the world. The Exclusive Clothing Firm Benjamin Friman has begun a wonderful special collection of creations for women based on such planets.

The first of these creations is ‘Mars’, a wonderful red dress made of 42 meters of natural silk organza, hand-stitched and mounted on mannequin with bias-cut strips that resemble the dune fields and arid landscapes of this wonderful planet. Red is the color of passion, ideal for raising self-esteem, always flattering, captivating and mysterious. It is not only the red passion of love, it is the color of Mars. In this spectacular dress, our Haute Couture Firm continues to give wings to the exclusive design and high quality usual in our workshop.

Benjamin Friman Pret a Couture

In successive publications on our website and social networks, we will announce the continuation of this special collection inspired by the beautiful planets. This special collection will be exhibited soon in our Show Room in Madrid “El Armario de Pepa”. Go to our online store.

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