Vanesa martin esmoquin blanco

The singer Vanesa Martín chooses Benjamín Friman as official designer on her tour

The singer Vanesa Martin has chosen Benjamin Friman as official designer for his performance in the city of Malaga, which took place in the Municipal Auditorium on Saturday 20 July. The singer wore on stage two iconic designs of the firm, which was one of the stellar performances of his tour of the Spanish geography.

Vanesa martin esmoquin blanco

Benjamin Friman perfectly reflected the artist’s overwhelming and chameleonic personality with two designs designed exclusively for her. The first was a long white tuxedo, with marked shoulder pads and prominent lapels, zipper and a long tail adorned with crystal stones.
The stones, forming constellations in a dreamlike universe in which the name of the singer also stood out, constitute a nod from the firm to the exclusivity with which the garments were made for the singer. A mixture of sweetness, femininity, security and firmness that allowed Vanesa Martín to shine with her own light in one of the most magical nights of the tour.

vanesa martin in white

Benjamin Friman’s second look chosen by Vanesa Martín for her concert in Malaga was a long dress, with straps and in green, with an original front opening and closure on the back, which was combined by the artist with light-coloured buttoned shoes.

Within the glam rock style and the impeccable pattern that characterizes Benjamin Friman, the dress highlighted the silhouette of the artist and allowed her to move with comfort, sensuality, presence and elegance on stage, delighting the thousands of people who came together to hear the songs from his new album “All the women who live in me”

vanesa martin green dress

It’s not the first time that singer Vanesa Martín trusts Benjamín Friman’s good taste when it comes to dressing up for an important event. The artist has already commissioned the firm to create an exclusive design to be worn at the 40 Principales Awards in 2017. The good harmony between the Andalusian designer and the singer has allowed Vanesa Martín to redress her looks on this occasion to perform before the 12,000 people who filled the Malaga auditorium and sang the artist’s songs.

vanesa martin in green dress

Conquered by the brand’s characteristic looks, the taste and meticulousness of their work, many celebrities trust Benjamin Friman when it comes to dressing up. The designer’s creativity and precision are transmitted from the sketches, surpassing all expectations with his surprising ability to handle any type of garment.

Characterised by his passion for design, Benjamín Friman is one of the firms with the most projection in the Spanish fashion scene. The designer has just launched his autumn/winter pret-â-porter collection, which interested parties can purchase through the online store.